Gang Justice

Gang Justice

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    Title:  Gang Justice
    Year:  1991
    Directed by:  Woo-sang Park
    Starring:  Erik Estrada, Johnathan Gorman, Joon Kim, Nicole Rio, Angel Dashek, Master Ho Sik Pak, Ken Bowman, Roseanne Bowman, Alexis Rhee, Master Cho

    IMDb Rating:  5.6/10

    MPAA Rating: Not Rated

    Plot:  Paul is a Korean-born immigrant whose life is turned upside down when his father is crippled from a robbery and his mother leaves them and marries the father of a bigoted gang leader, Billy. When Paul is constantly harrassed by Billy and his boys, Paul must use his skills in martial arts to defend himself. He learns that there is racial tension everywhere, especially when it involves his girlfriend, the daughter of a bigoted government official. Meanwhile, Billy must learn to adapt to this nature and attempt at peace with those who have done him wrong.