Asylum Of The Damned (a.k.a. Hellborn)

Asylum Of The Damned (a.k.a. Hellborn)

  • Horror
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    Title:  Hellborn
    Year:  2003
    Directed by:  Philip J. Jones
    Starring:  Bruce Payne, Matt Stasi, Tracy Scoggins, Julia Lee, Tom Lister Jr., Gregory Wagrowski, Bill McKinney, Randall England, Joe Sabatino, Deborah Flora

    IMDb Rating:  3.4/10

    MPAA Rating: R

    Plot:  James Bishop is a young psychology resident, excited about his new job at St. Andrews Mental Hospital and the chance to help severely ill patients. The excitement changes to puzzlement, concern and finally terror as some of those patients mysteriously die and James' efforts to find the cause results in increasingly strange behavior from the St. Andrews staff. Things begin to clarify when James finally encounters the Harvester...