Masters of Horror The Fair Haired Child

Masters of Horror The Fair Haired Child

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    Title:  "Masters of Horror" The Fair Haired Child
    Year:  2006
    Directed by:  William Malone
    Starring:  Lori Petty, Lindsay Pulsipher, William Samples, Jesse Haddock, Ian A. Wallace, Haley Morrison, Walter Phelan

    IMDb Rating:  6.5/10

    MPAA Rating: TV-MA

    Plot:  Tara's a teen outcast in school and neglected by her mother at home. Whilst riding her bike back home, she's drugged, and brought to an deserted house by the pianist Anton, and his wife, Judith. They lock her in the basement where she meets their son, Johnny trying to commit suicide. Tara discovers the couple lost their son in a lake years earlier, and have made a pact with a demon to bring him back... In exchange for the sacrifice of 12 teenagers, and Tara is the last one.