Trekkies 2

Trekkies 2

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    Title:  Trekkies 2
    Year:  2004
    Directed by:  Roger Nygard
    Starring:  Vaughn Armstrong, Richard Arnold, Robert Meyer Burnett, Casey Biggs, John Billingsley, Brannon Braga, Lolita Fatjo, Leslie Fish, Michael Forest, David A. Goodman

    IMDb Rating:  6.4/10

    Original Aspect Ratio:  1.33 : 1

    MPAA Rating: PG

    Plot:  In this follow-up to the popular 1997 documentary, Denise Crosby returns for another look at fans of the "Star Trek" franchise. This time there are interviews with fans from other countries, updates on fans featured in the original movie, and performances by "Star Trek"-themed "filk" bands. The filmmakers visited fans all over the world, including an Englishman who transformed his flat into a starship and listed this on the Internet for $2 million, and the first convention ever held in Serbia. The movie also checks in on some of the original profilees like wunderkind Gabriel Koerner and alternate Whitewater juror Barbara Adams.