Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors

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    Title:  Ancient Warriors
    Year:  2003
    Directed by:  Walter von Huene
    Starring:  Franco Columbu, Daniel Baldwin, Richard Lynch, Andy Mackenzie, Michelle Hunziker, Iris Peynado, Michael Hartson, Lamont Johnson, Jarmo Mäkinen, Stacey Longoria

    IMDb Rating:  3.7/10

    Original Aspect Ratio:  1.85 : 1

    MPAA Rating: R

    Plot:  A hunt for biochemical terrorists gets a supernatural twist as a band of heroic soldiers stumble into a mine inhabited by angry spirits in Walter von Huene's unusual hybrid action entry. Special Forces captain Aldo Paccione (Franco Columbu) has never found a mission too dangerous to tackle, and when the government discovers that a rouge group of mercenaries are developing biochemical weapons deep in the mines of Sardinia, he assembles a crack Delta Force team to move in and eliminate the threat. As Captain Paccione and his team descend into the mines, the disturbance soon awakens the angry souls of ancient warriors who aren't too pleased to be woken from their centuries-long slumber.