Restoration / An Ideal Husband (1999) / Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown / Tom & Viv

Restoration / An Ideal Husband (1999) / Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown / Tom & Viv

  • Drama
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    Rugged Scotsman John Brown (
    Billy Connolly) is a lowly servant who looks after Queen Victoria's (Judi Dench) horses. Yet when circumstances bring them together, the result is a passionate friendship that scandalizes a nation.

    Robert Merivel (
    Robert Downey Jr.) is a young man who seems to have everything…until a passionate affair leads to scandal, suddenly leaving him heartbroken and penniless. But it's only after losing it all that Merivel discovers who he really is and becomes the man he never dreamed he could be.

    TOM & VIV
    Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson deliver star performances in this passionately rendered story about writer T.S. Eliot's turbulent relationship with his first wife, Vivienne.

    Sir Robert is a highly-respected politician with a spotless reputation. But when an old acquaintance (
    Julianne Moore) threatens to reveal a dark secret from Robert's past, only his womanizing, party-loving best friend (Rupert Everett) is dishonest enough to come to his aid.